Have any questions about purchasing your order, or making your order? We are here to help. Take a look at our knowledge base of commonly asked questions below:

1) About Placing an Order

Q: Must my order only contain items from one category? A: Your order can contain any different combination of items from any category, regardless of whether you are choosing to have them delivered or picked up. When picking floral items, however, be reminded that you can only pick them up from two of our locations. See category 3 "Local Pick up" below for more information. Q: Is there a way to check the status of my order? A: You can do this by clicking "My Account" in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Under the "Recent Orders" category, click the "View" button on the order you are interested in seeing the status of. Above, you will see text that will say "Order Status: ", followed by the stage of delivery your order is in (For example, you may see "Pending, completed, etc.") Q: Can I edit my account Shipping/Billing address? A: You can do this under the "My Account" screen in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Simply click "edit" on the area you wish to change; this will then be saved to your account.

2) Shipping and Delivery

Q: What sort of addresses will Gerrity's ship to? A: Gerrity's will ship to addresses that are at least 10 miles from a Gerrity's store. We do local deliveries only; whether or not you fall within this category will be determined when you enter your zip code when checking out. Q: How much time is needed to prepare my order A: We will need at least 24 hours to prepare your items. Thusly, your order must be made at least 24 hours in advance. By extension, you cannot choose to have your order delivered anytime within the same day the order was made. Q: How can I save on shipping? A: There are many ways to save. Orders under $99 get our standard shipping rate of $5. Orders that amount to more than $100 will receive free shipping. The more you bundle in your order, the more you can save on shipping! Q: I need my order in time for my special occasion! Will you deliver it to me at xx:xx A.M/P.M.? A: Not only can we deliver items at specific times, but we actually require it when you check out. Confirm your delivery date upon checking out. If you do not need your order at a specific time on a certain day, consider choosing "Local Pick up."

3) Local Pick up

Q: Is there any handling charge for local pick up? A: There is no handling charge if you opt to pick up your order at one of our stores locally.
Q: Where can I pick up Floral Products I have ordered? A: Floral products can ONLY be picked up from either our Hanover location or the Keyser Oak location. Floral products can, however, be delivered to any address as long as it is in our specified range. See "Shipping and Delivery" for more information on this. Q: What/Where are the Gerrity's stores that I can choose to pick my order up from? A: You can see a complete listing of our Gerrity's stores by clicking "Locations" in our site header.
Do you have further questions that weren't answered here? Contact us at our Help & Support page.